Review of 7-Heaven: Great suck and rimjob by Mali
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Review of 7-Heaven: Great suck and rimjob by Mali

This is from a while ago, as my free time never seem to lineup with Mali's sporadic work "schedule" due to the pandemic. However since she's still working here I'll reminisce about the great session she gave at this place a few months ago. Maybe someone else will be able to catch her, and enjoy her work as much as I did.

1300 baht for a 40 minute BJ is considered by many as too pricey. Since you can fuck girls here for pretty much the same, or less.

Still, 7-Heaven has been around for a while. And they've survived in spite of the pandemic restrictions that's still going on. They've got their regulars like me, that don't wanna work up a sweat, but still want to cum in a girls mouth and get on with their day.

Mali is a great pick. Her breasts aren't big, but she's natural and cute. But what you'll come back for is her cock sucking, and ass licking skills.

She'll clean your cock in the sink, like at all BJ bars do. But when she told me to turn around, I knew it was going to be a great session.

Her BJ is one of the best I've had at 7-Heaven. You'd think all these cock suckers would know not to use teeth, but there's a few girls here that's probably sucked 10 000 cocks, and still manages to fuck it up.

None of this with Mali though. It's pretty much perfect. She took me as deep in her throat as she was able to. Spit drooling down onto my cock. Lifted up my legs and got to work on my asshole. When I was ready I dumped a load in her mouth while she happily sucked out the last drop of cum in my cock. I guess the only complaint I have is that while she's sucking you off, she keeps cleaning the spit on your cock with tissues. This is somewhat of a turn off for me, as I prefer a sloppy dirty blowjob as much as the next guy.

Would I return? Yes.

Mali is still working here from what I've been told. However since this shop doesn't seem to have a work schedule during the pandemic it's hard to set up a meeting.

Update: Unfortunately for us, Mali seem to have quit the industry.

7-Heaven is a japanese style blowjob bar located in Sukhumvit 33, Phrom Phong. The girls here are, in my experience, cuter than at the other BJ bars in Bangkok.