Q4 2021 Travel to Thailand
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Q4 2021 Travel to Thailand

Starting November 1 monkey land Thailand will open up for vaccinated tourists from China, Singapore, UK, Germany and the US, plus five other countries that's yet to be announced. No quarantine required. Although you'll still need to take two RT-PCR tests after coming here.
Q4 2021 Travel to Thailand

Money is tight. Just 2 months ago Thailand was under strict lockdown. Now the restrictions are easing every 2 weeks, rushing to get ready for reopening.

The government already funneled a ton of vaccines to the most attractive tourist spots and airlines in hopes of welcoming back big boy money. Creating quarantine-free zones.

Other third world countries like Vietnam and Indonesia is following suit, it's a race at this point, these countries literally can't survive much longer without first world money.

This should make for pretty good tourist experiences. The tourist spots will make sure to keep criminals at bay because they need the good PR and money. And they'll probably be extra accommodating and servile because Corona lockdowns nearly squeezed them to death.

Won't be long until you can travel to third world countries to cum and drink cheap booze again.