Not completely dead
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Not completely dead

Taking a walk from Nana to Asok is a somber experience these days.

While it was previously buzzing with energy, and almost impossible to walk around without getting sexually harassed by a ladyboy, or hassled by a ghetto street vendor selling questionable kamara and shitty t-shirts. Sukhumvit is now as empty as a politicians election promise.

Is Bangkok totally closed now?


Of course, it's not anywhere near the levels it was at before. However, a few shops are still open, albeit with limited selection. Their doors might be closed, but if you send them a message they might answer you.

There's also been kind of an interesting development that's happened after Sukhumvit basically lost all it's (foreign) residents.

Demand for sidelines has risen a lot, so the local sex scene catering to Thai people is expanding closer and closer toward the former tourist areas. While these sideline agencies and freelancers mostly target the locals here, I've had no issues with setting up meetings with these girls. Although I have a hard bias against reserving a girl based on retouched photos, the option is there.

A handful of agencies has set up shop in Sukhumvit 55, Thonglor. I've also seen a few girls working out of hotels in Sukhumvit 31. Before the pandemic, the only sideline girls you could find working  out of Sukhumvit was older desperate massage parlor ladies, too ugly looking to get customers at their regular place of work.

Some kapoo shops are still open. The ones I've visited myself are Penthouse near Ekkamai, and USB Spa near Central Bangna.

So if you're stuck here, thirsty for side pussy, or just want to come for whatever other reason. Bankok isn't completely dead... yet.