Momo Massage
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Momo Massage

Very easily accessible from BTS Thonglor. Momo Massage is great to visit on both sunny and rainy days, as it's just a 1 minute walk from the station.
Momo Massage

I like the office outfit uniform they got going on here. Some girls here are pretty hot, although a few are kinda funny looking. I recommend checking their website, if you see something that interests you, visit in person and check the lineup. Lots of filter use on their photos.

Table of Contents

  1. Girls
  2. System
  3. Shop info
  4. Map



Menu Cost
Lotion massage - 1 shot - 60 min 2300 baht
Lotion massage - 2 shots - 90 min 2500 baht
Lotion massage - 2 shots - 120 min 2700 baht
2 Girls - 120 min 5400 baht
Options Cost
Jacuzzi room 300 baht
Momoマッサージ @バンコク トンロー
バンコク トンローのメンズ向けマッサージ屋さんです。

Momo Massage