How to set up a meeting with a sideline girl in Thailand
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How to set up a meeting with a sideline girl in Thailand

How to set up a meeting with a sideline girl in Thailand

Find a girl

You can find a bunch of girls on sites like and I've listed some link on this page.

If you don't want to get scammed out of your money. Follow the steps in this order only. 1) Message -> 2) Meet -> 3) Pay. I've seen countless fools doing things like transferring money ahead of the meeting. Only to receive a nice block after the transfer has been completed. It's also important that you initiate contact. Do not respond to people messaging you out of nowhere pretending to be a girl or agency.

Information on the girls' working hours, her body size, service options, her general location, and what she permits is available on her profile.

For people that doesn't understand Thai, and use Google for translating Thai to English, here's an explanation of a list of commonly mistranslated words:

Milk = Tits
Fresh = Bareback (e.g. Not fresh = No bareback)
Break or Crack = Cum (e.g. Crack on face = Cum on face)
Bag = Condom

Be aware that some profiles say 'Crack into the body'. This doesn't actually mean what you think it means. It means that you can finish ON her body.


After you've found a girl you're interested in. Add the LINE ID on the profile, and send a message to check if she's working or not. She might have the day off, or be fully booked for the day.

Even though I sent a message for this girl early that day, her schedule was pretty full. Since I wanted a 2 hour session, 6:30 made it pretty tight for me considering the curfew going on. So I set up a meeting for the next day instead.

You'll receive description of the precise location of her hotel, and usually a Google Maps link for easy navigation.


The agency sent me a few messages and stickers with question marks early in the morning while I was in the shower, asking me again if I was coming. Maybe they've had bad experiences with customers missing early appointments because they overslept.

Anyway, after you've arrived at the girls' hotel, you send them a message saying you've arrived. They'll either tell you to wait for a few minutes, or just give you the room number right away.

I've visited maybe 20 sidelines since the pandemic started, and haven't had one hotel require a keycard. Just walk through the lobby and take the elevator up to their room, and knock on their door.


After she's let you inside, you can chat for a bit. But you're expected to pay shortly after entering the room. After paying you can jump in the shower and get your session started.

Have fun!