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7-Heaven is a japanese style blowjob bar located in Sukhumvit 33, Phrom Phong. The girls here are, in my experience, cuter than at the other BJ bars in Bangkok.

Their VIP mirror room is well done compared to other places. All the walls are covered in mirrors, there's also a proper shower in there.

You can read my review of their girl Mali here:

Review of 7-Heaven: Great suck and rimjob by Mali
This is from a while ago, as my free time never seem to lineup with Mali’s sporadic work “schedule” due to the pandemic. However since she’s still working here I’ll reminisce about the great session she gave at this place a few months ago. Maybe someone else will be able

Table of Contents

  1. Girls
  2. System
  3. Shop info
  4. Map



Menu Cost
1. Blowjob 1300 baht
2. Handjob 1000 baht
3. Blowjob - 2 girls 2500 baht
4. Blowjob - 3 girls 3500 baht
Options Cost
VIP mirror room* 200 baht

* Duration : 40 Minutes / 1 Shot
** More add-on options available in the store's menu

7-HEAVEN | Sukhumvit 33 | BJ Salon Bangkok | Thailand
7-Heaven, One of the best Blow Job Salon available in Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 33)