2nd lockdown in Bangkok: What's still open?
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2nd lockdown in Bangkok: What's still open?

So after the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration decided to enforce a 2nd pseudo-lockdown a lot of parlors, BJ bars and soapies closed their doors once again. There's still some fun to be had. And I'll list a few of them in case any of you are still in Bangkok and are looking for fun.

Let me know if you know something I don't. And I will try to update.

BJ bars:

Sukhumvit massage parlors

It's been a while since I've been to any of the Sukhumvit parlors, but I know a few of them are still operating.

Thanks, Pretty, 101 Premier, and Momo will be doing outcall. I just don't know when exactly they will start.

Kapoo shops:

There's plenty more kapoo style shops open, but here's a few notable ones.