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One of the very few kapoo shops in Sukhumvit. A 5 minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS, If it weren't for their spoiled girls and "no full service" policy. I would easily recommend this shop for first timers.

There's no full service options at 1Society. It's most likely possible if you're willing to give a big fat tip for around 10K+ baht to the girl. The rooms here are nothing special, just regular worn down rooms with a massage table. Their girls are pretty cute though, but there's better girls in Bangkok willing to give you a handjob for the prices they are charging you here.

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  2. System
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Girls are divided into 4 categories. Many of their more expensive options are booking only. So if you're just planning on going here for a walk-in, don't expect to see any of the "Top Kawaii" or "Hot Model" girls.

Menu Cost
Top Kawaii - 60 minutes 3000 baht
Hot Model - 60 minutes 2800 baht
Model - 60 minutes 2600 baht
Pretty - 60 minutes 2300 baht